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''Double S 301] Double S 301 CONCERT ''U R MAN IS BACK IN TOKYO

نویسنده :Tarannom _AF
تاریخ:دوشنبه 6 اردیبهشت 1395-08:19 ب.ظ

همونطور که میدونید پسرا امروز تو ژاپن کنسرت داشتند...

این نوشته های یه فن ایه که تو کنسرت بوده


   301said they'll be active in Japan this summer

...KyuJong cried in All My Love

!A fan next to me is a fanboy. I mean, fan-gentleman

He was looked like in his 50s or 60s, and he's HJB bias

(اینو خیلی خوشم اومد)

In Never Ending Dream, YoungSaeng forgot to sing his first part.

OTL He couldn't hide his giggling

(طبق معمول لیریک یادش رفته)

:What the fan-gentleman said after the concert

"It was like a YoungSaeng's concert." ...Well, I don't deny it.

KJ: Next song is my fav from ETERNAL S.

HJB: My fav? KJ: No,mine.

.Yours is Let me know. How about you, YS? YS: Let It Go

It's obviously mean YS's song.) KJ&HJB: Let it go~ Let it go)

*singing Frozen one* YS: *dancing like Elsa*

!!When the concert is nearly over FANS: Heo YoungSaeng

!KJ:They want to see you dance.

YS: I've been dancing in this concert

( YS did break dance anyway)

!HJB: Your face turns red

!KJ: B-boy YoungSaeng... B-YoungSae

(KJ and YS did Single Ladies choreo a bit)

?KJ kept asking YS "What's the next song

Let us tell about it." Like he just did on Nico Nico broadcast. lol

They spoke in Japanese. I think there's no script.

!A interpreter was there, but they asked her help just little bit.

That was brilliant

What amazed me most was KJ's Japanese.

I knew he's good at listening,but his speaking was almost perfect.

And his intonation was so natural.

When YS was struggling with Japanese, KJ said "kawaii..." to him.

It was like he was talking to himself.

KJ and HJB made YS sing the beginning of Snow Prince,

I mean "Wow~" part. YS sung like an opera singer. lol


داغ کن - کلوب دات کام
سه شنبه 7 اردیبهشت 1395 04:33 ب.ظ
یعنی چی که مرده گفت بیشتر شبیه کنسرت یونگی بود یعنی بقیه کم بودن از این حرفش ناراحت شدم ولی در کل خوب بود فقط خدا نکنه دبل جوگیر بشن همش تو ژاپن آلبوم بدن
پاسخ Tarannom _AF : منظورشو منم دقیقا نفهمیدوم ولی خب شاید از لحاظ تعداد حضور یس ها تو کنسرت بود...البته
ممکنه اون مرده تو قسمتی که یس ها بیشتر بودن حضور داشت و الا هر کدوم از پسرا فن های زیادی دارن...فعلا که قراره تابستون تو ژاپن فعالیت داشته باشن

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